Jamain Graveney is a Banker, entrepreneur, parent and the Co-CEO of Avoiding Broke.

Leanne Graveney is an Economist, entrepreneur, parent and Co-CEO of Avoiding Broke. 

Building our careers, the foundation of our knowledge

  • Jamain and Leanne have amassed a combined 25+ years experience across Economics, Finance, Regulation and Management Consulting within the City of London and overseas.

  • Jamain specialises in Financial Services and is considered an adaptable, creative and forward-thinking professional and leader. 

  • Leanne specialises in Consumer economics and is recognised for being a thought-leader and expert in her field. 

Expanding our outlook to start 'Avoiding Broke'

Outside of work, we are two people who have, since 2001, been on a 20 year self-improvement journey together.

We came from modest family backgrounds and were educated via the UK state school and University systems. Through several years of hard work and good fortune, we built a stable financial base and realise it was lucky that we met and pushed each other to achieve.

Since becoming parents in 2019, we started asking about ways to improve our mental, financial and physical states so we can give more to our son. In particular, we became more interested in how to create and sustain wealth in life and for generations when starting from little (just like we did). We then made a conscious decision to learn about, design and implement a plan to improve our minds, achieve financial freedom and be healthier along the way. 

Avoiding Broke represents our journey where we share the realities of what we are doing, in order to help future generations who want to make similar progress. Our aim is to use our knowledge and experience (and failures) to help other. All opinions provided are entirely our own and we do not give financial advice - we just try to bring useful insights and good vibes! 

Let's make it happen, Jamain and Leanne

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